CH Greenfield's Mystic Wildflower


Call Name:         Heidi
Date of Birth:    10/19/95
AKC :                RM 16102404
OFA :                   Fair
Titled:          1/21/97

Sire:  CH Serendipity's Eagle's Wings
Dam:  CH Saredon Playing With Fire
Breeder: D. Andrew Green and Judy Averis
Owner:   JoAnne Stiscia
Handled by:    George Wright

Comments               Show Record               Progeny
8/96 Canfield Mr. George E. Gordon  WB/BW 4 (35 bitches) 
10/96 ATCA Montgomery Co Mrs. Karen Wilson 1st in Am Class
11/25/96 Holyoke KC Mrs. G.C. Kelly WB/BOS

Heidi wasn't shown from 11/25/96 until Canfield, Aug.  1997.
This was a period of over 8 months necessary to regrow coat and furnishings
which had been removed by an energetic Welsh Terrier.
Date Show Judge Award Points
8/1/97 Columbiana Co KC WB 3 (24 bitches)
8/17/97 Tioga County KC Mr. R.W. High WB/BOS
8/31/97 Sussex Hills Mr. David McIntyre.  WB/BW/BOB/G3
9/21/97 Northwestern CT DC Miss Anna K. Nicholas WB
11/17/97 Central N.Y. KC Mrs. J.A. Doniere WB/BOS
11/21/97 South Windsor KC Mr. Bruce R. Schwartz WB/BW/BOS
3 -  NEW

First and only time as a Special, Heide went BOS on 11/24/97 at Holyoke KC, under judge Mrs. Dorothy B. Taylor.

Heidi has now retired to the whelping box.

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