Watch Me Grow! 
This section is my own personal FIRST attempt at web page construction.  It started out as a practice page and then the idea came to just continue.  The puppies on these pages are not for sale they are simply here for entertainment and to perhaps take someone through a little of the visual aspects of puppy selection, puppy rearing, and ???   It will simply evolve as the puppies grow.  It stalled for a time because the puppy that was being followed climbed the fence of it's owner and was killed by a car.  Her photos will remain in the earsetting section, but the various sections are now being compiled with 2 or 3 dogs in order to play "catch-up" with this series.

Please feel free to offer any suggestions or comments at any time...
they are GREATLY welcomed and appreciated.

Thank you, and if you find these pages interesting and helpful,
please consider a donation to Airedale Rescue.
God bless, Barbara Schneider, SerendipityAiredales.

Gluing and Setting Ears

"Demons" of Destruction

Grooming Your Airedale
        Clipping Your Pet Airedale
        Stripping Your Airedale
Additional Information on Puppy Rearing