Seneca Fast Forward VPG 3

Call Name:       "Turk"
Date of Birth:   1/13/96
AKC :         RM163094/06
OFA :   AT-2966G48M-T  GOOD
Cerf :      AT-169/97-12  Clear
Titled:     VPG 1,2,3

Sire:  CH Serendipity's Eagle's Wings
Dam:  CH Seneca Brave Chance
Breeder:  Nancy L. Nieset
Owner:   Maugh Vail
Handled by: Maugh Vail

Seneca Fast Forward   Fall 2001 
In the words of Maugh Vail
Turk (Seneca Fast Forward, ex Ch S. EaglesWings and Ch. Seneca Brave Chance) earned his VPG 3 (versatility test for working dogs) with an 88 in tracking, 81 in obedience and 86 "pronounced fighting drive" in protection under SV judge Bogdan Sergo.  Turk is one of the fastest and most powerful dogs in our training club.  He holds his own with all the imported German Shepherds and Rottweilers.  He is truly awesome, but also such a great family dog. 
The judge congratulating Maugh and Turk after the obedience section of the trial
 Maugh and Turk escorting the "bad guy" off the field at the conclusion of the protection section of the trial. 
Turk is at work following a practice track in training for the VPG 3.

Here is the article written by Maugh Vail 

Turk, our local hero

Monday afternoon Jack was working outside and Turk was outside with him.  Turk usually just lies down in the shade somewhere and goes to sleep.  Jack  checks on him from time to time.  When he checked on Turk, he found him sitting by a log with two exhausted girls at the top of our canyon. Jack gave the girls some water and let them rest.  Apparently they had gone in circles in the canyon for several hours.  Turk air scented them and rushed down the canyon.  He took one girl's sleeve in his mouth and led her up the side of the canyon.  The other girl followed.  They tried to go down a "nowhere leading" trail once again but Turk wouldn't let them.  They said he knew what he was doing and that they knew he would lead them to safety.  Jack drove the girls over to their destination campground.  Personell there were on the verge of sending out a missing person report. Next day the girls left a note at our place saying Turk was "sent from heaven". 

Note: Turk is not being trained for SAR at this time.  He acted on his instincts and on his friendly and curious nature. Turk is a true protection dog; he is aggressive towards hostile elements and gentle and friendly with those he protects. He is friendly to friendly strangers. When he perceives that someone is in trouble he rushes to their aid. 
I'm very proud of him. He is what an Airedale should be. 
Maugh Vail