Tessa X Simon puppies
Simon                                                   Tessa 
Breed: Lakeland Terrier
Bred by:
Owned by:
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CH Larkspur Liberator
 CH Larkspur Barbate Fitzwilly "Fitzwilly" CH  Larkspur Shoot The Moon CH Larkspur T Tommy Tune
CH Larkspur Barbate Bill-O-Fare
Am.Can.CH Barbate Larkspur WYSIWYG Am.Can.CH Larkspur Limited Edition
Am.Can. CH Barbate Critic's Choice
Larkspur Sonata CH Larkspur Limited Edition Larkspur On The Road Again
Larkspur Encore Delight
Larkspur Prelude Kilfel The Pointe Man
Larkspur Interlude
CH Northcote's 
No Contest
Am.CH Saredon Red River  Rayfos River Spirit
Rayfos Trapper John   KCSB  0965CD
Rayfos Delaware   KCSB  2327CA
Saredon Carrie Ann
KCR  S3149201503
Dunlossit Lucky Jim   KCSB  1294BX
Lakelynn Sandstone of Saredon   KCR P4955402P04
Am.Can.CH Northcote's What A Riot Wenrick
CH Kilfel Court Jester    "Joker" CH Rob-Lyn Warlock
CH Kilfel As You Like It
CH Can.CH Wenrick's Carousin" N'Northcote     "Rowdy" CH Jamelyn Second Edition     "Danny"
Jamelyn Just Call Me Jenna     "Jenna"