Stripping your Airedale

As stated on the Clippering page, your gooming equipment will cost you as much as you want to spend, but you can get your equipment at discount pet supply stores and from the many catalogs available.  Care-A-Lot Pet Supply Warehouse donates funds to Airedale Rescue, so that is my store of choice.
Grooming table
grooming arm
grooming noose
quick release clip

spray bottle for water and conditioner
pin brush
slicker brush
terrier palm brush
hound glove
sisal glove
greyhound comb

Various stripping knives:
Everyone has their favorite and it is best to try several to find what feels most comfortable in your hand. You will need at the minimum a coarse and a fine.  They come right or left handed.

MacKnyfe Specialties -- Stripping knives -- These are my personal favorites since I have arthritis.  They do not press on my joints and they feel comfortable in my hand... I use the extra fine and the Medium Muckraker most often.
Pearson Products -- Stripping knives
Bowsprit Strippers -- Stripping knives
Hindes - I like to use the fine to rake out the undercoat.
Magnet - Inexpensive and good for a beginner to learn with, slthough many people fine this is their favorite.

clippers with a #10 blade
5/8 blade
small curved scissors
thinning shears

toenail clippers

Karen Pryor's "Shaping for the Show Ring"

When I have a litter, I generally clip the puppies at six weeks to evaluate overall balance. Gradually I get them used to the stripping knives, standing on the table and pulling the hair on their body and face and leg furnishings.  At about six months I will strip their body to the skin to get rid of all the cut hair and the last of the baby fuzz.  Some other breeders and handlers will cringe at the thought of clipping, but I find this less traumatic for the puppies and much easier on me.  Since I only clip the body and "flatwork", I have not "ruined" the furnishings.  I also find it easier to do the stripping in stages, and this is the method I will describe here.  It is perhaps the easiest for the novice and less time consuming.  But be forwarned... you will have an oddly groomed dog for a period of about a month because in a sense you are grooming in reverse.  The hair you want to be the longest for the show will be the hair you strip first.

About 12 to 14 weeks before the first show, I will shorten and shape the leg furnishings, the chest and the face.
Head side view

Head front view

Chest side view


10 weeks before the show, I will strip the body or jacket, leaving the back of the tail and the butt fuzzy. The neck and flatwork ( ears, head, shoulders, back of tail, and butt) are left fuzzy.  A little blending is done on the neck area.

Stage 1

Stage 2

Stage 3

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List of Groomers for Stripping

Learning to Strip Your Dog's Coat by Don Vik
By a Wire Fox Terrier owner, but applies to Airedales.

Macknyfe Specialties, Inc.
Includes an article, "Use of Macknyfe Grooming Tools" C.J.
McLaughlin III (Airedale owner and breeder) and Margery Good
(Teddy's hair stylist) How to Hold and Use, Techniques of
Use, Stripping, Mucking, Carding

Grooming Tips from Arden Ross

Books from ATCA:
How to Trim and Show the Airedale Terrier
Introductory booklet which outlines proper methods of
grooming the Airedale Terrier.
Oriented to the novice owner.
Grooming the Broken Haired Terrier
An advanced grooming book for Airedales and other broken
haired Terriers

How to Groom your Pet Airedale Video