Serendipity Bonds of Love

Call Name:      "Ruth"
Date of Birth:   11-21-96
AKC :      RM197674/02
OFA :     AT-2762G25F-T   GOOD

Sire:   CH Terrydale Int'l Affair
Dam:   CH Serendipity Rejoices
Breeder:   Barbara Y. Schneider & Margery L. Good
Owner:    Barbara Y. Schneider
Handled by:  The consensus of the family is that Ruth will not be shown unless locally.  She was named after the biblical Ruth, and, as in Ruth 16:  "Wherever you go I will go..."  It has been said be careful what you name your dog, because they will live up to it.  Ruth certainly has...

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A collage of photos for your amusement.....

Ruth at eight weeks...  Just learning to stand on the table.  She is licking her nose because in my right hand I am holding a piece of cheese.  It is one of the ways I reward them for standing still on the table.  Each session is kept short and pleasant.  Puppies are placed on the table daily and brushed and combed.  I look at their teeth, check their ears, and massage their feet.

Ruth at 9 weeks...
Within a short time they are standing still and even letting me pull some coat without objecting too much.  they are even comfortable with the grooming noose.

Always keeping me in her sight...


Waiting by the window, watching for Mom....

You can see by the photo that her tail was left too long.  We had it re-docked by our veterinarian.  I had heard stories of dogs blowing coat after they had been anaesthetized and had always been a little doubtful.  Well, no more!  Ruth completely blew her coat and it took a full stripping to get her back in condition.

Ruth, like many Airedales, likes to sleep in unusual positions... take note of the change bettween the furry full tail in this photo and the stripped one in the next...


Ruth was bred to Ch. Stone Ridge Fairewood Flyer, CD. and on February 19, 2000 gave us a lovely litter of 5 dogs and 3 bitches

Pregnant Rollover

Three of the eight puppies are in wonderful homes and living their lives as companions and family members.
Five of the eight are not only companions, but will hopefully enter the show ring.

        CH Serendipity Del Rey Brite Blue -- "Blue" -- Mexico

        CH Serendipity St. Elmo's Fire -- "Elmo" -- Hungary

  Hi Barbara,

Today we went to a national show with Elmo. He won his 3rd title inJunior class ... this makes him a Junior Champion ... and in this same show he also took Best of Breed! ... And in the group he was in the first selection but was not placed anywhere.

How is that for a Pentecost surprise present ;-)

I hear that Star is developing into a pretty Airedale lady! I hope that 
all of you are doing OK.

         Serendipity's Flower Power -- "Lily" -- Virginia, U.S.A.  Entering the show circuit in 2004

        Serendipity Joyous Star -- "Star" -- Canada

Ruth's second litter was sired by Stanstead Apollo by Jokyl and produced 3 dogs and 2 bitches.  One dog and both bitches were evaluated as show prospects.  So far, two have become champions.
CH Joval Serendipity Mighty Aphrodite     "Leah"
CH Serendipity Joval Ode to Bandar        "Fast Eddie"

Her third litter was sired by Int CH Sandale Your Turn   and produced 4 dogs and 3 bitches.  Of these, one dog and two bitches were evaluated as having show potential and were placed in show homes.
Serendipity Duchess Fergie     "Fergie"
Serendipity                             "Sherman"
The others are happily fulfilling their duties as companion dogs.

Ruth's fourth litter was sired by CH Terrydale Shaireab Log On and produced 3 dogs and 5 bitches.  Of these, there were five with potential - one dog and four bitches, with one of the bitches remaining here at Serendipity.

Ruth will be bred one last time in the early spring of 2004.