Paradym Oakrun Robin

 Call Name:        "Robin"
Date of Birth:    June 16,1997
CKC :           #GL446904
OFA : OVC Hips :   Good  : Clear
Titled:  bred once and spayed

Sire:   CH Serendipity's Eagle's Wings
Dam:  AmCan CH Paradym So Surreal
Breeder:   Kelly Wood and John Voortman
Owner:  Rich & Jay Thistle and Kelly Wood
Handled by:  Kelly Wood

AmCan CH Oakrun's Bluejay of Paradym - "Jay"
CH Oakrun's Chickadee of Paradym - "Emma"
CH. Paradym Oakrun Oriole - "Amy"

Robin at 6 months

Robin will not be shown per owner's request.
She was bred to Ch. Greenfield's Major Tom
in the fall of 1999.
Puppy photos below:

Paradym Fairey Firefly
"June" at 10 weeks

June at 9 months... relaxing...

Kelly wrote me to say...
"Robin is staying with me for a couple of weeks.  This is the way she
likes to spend her time  (let brother Jay do the hard work!)  ;-)   "
Just what IS it with these girls... chairs, sofas beds???
Life is so tough....

Robin's people have started their own webpage for her.
Click HERE to see her litter of puppies and learn more.

"Junie" is a frequent and willing model for Andrea's bandana's