Peter's Pedigree

Eng. Ch. Siccawei Galliard Eng. Ch. Perrancourt Pirate Eng. Ch. Perrancourt Playful Eng. Ch. Stargus Sea King Eng. Ch. Tanworth Merriment Jokyl Joyful of Stargus Sire Eng. Ch. Jokyl Cinderella Eng. Ch. Florac King of Scots at Stargus* Eng. Ch. Siccawei Galliard Eng. Ch. Jokyl Gallipants Eng. Ch. Jokyl Smartie Pants Florac Bruichladdich Copyright of Jokyl Jokyl Show Copy of Florac Jokyl Baby Be Good Ch. Serendipity's Eagle's Wings* Isaiah 40:31 Ch. Finlair Tiger of Stone Ridge* Terrydale's Admiral Drummer Ch. Briardale Luvs Elegant Lady* Ch. Waggin-Aire's Jonah* Ch. Rudigan Robear Ch. Waggin-Aire's Rebekah* Dam Waggin-Aire's Serenata* Ch. Serendipity's Hosanna* Eng. Ch. Bengal Turith Comet Ch. Bravo True Grit* Ch. Bravo Bonanza Belle de AAA Ch. Serendipity's Classy Babe* Ch. Kirat Sampson's Tartan* Ch. Tartan Glory of Quint* Ch. Bryn Hafod Hey Penny * indicates OFA