Practicing Sit-Stay

Serendipity's Molly Russet, CD 
"Molly"  (left)
and Serendipity's Ragamuffin 
"Rags"  (right) 
with a "friend".

Saturday 10/21/00
 In Marianne's own words....

first place in brace 
with a score of    190 1/2
highest scoring terriers in brace

  highest scoring terriers in trail
"When I entered the ring the judge turned his head and said interesting breed to see in the obedience ring...and I said 'thank you and I have two of them!'
The ring steward who was a post for the figure 8 came out of the ring saying "Those Airedales are so darn cute".  Then at ribbon time the judge said "I want to start by saying I'm proud of all of you because brace is one of the hardest things to train, but I was particularly impressed with the first place winners "the Airedales"  We got a 1st place ribbon, 10.00 cash, a dog frame, and an obedience tee shirt."
Earlier this year.......

Molly and Marianne
just after completing
the third leg for Molly's CD.

A well-deserved ribbon.... 
The celebrity
Molly (right) and Rags enjoying the Christmas celebrations.