AmCan CH Oakrun's Blue Jay of Paradym

Jay and Kelly won
at Montgomery County (Infodog link)
October 8, 2000

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Montgomery photo
and Kelly's story about Jay.

Jay was the #1 Airedale Terrier in Canada for 1998

Jay was the #1 Airedale in the U.S. (Pedigree system) for 1999

Call Name:            Jay
Date of Birth:  June 16,1997
CKC:       GL450152
AKC :       RM23245701
OFA :  OVC - 002505 - Good
Titled:    AKC - Feb 28, 1999

Sire:  CH Serendipity's Eagle's Wings
Dam:  AmCan CH Paradym So Surreal
Breeder:  John Voortman & Kelly A Wood
Previous Owners:   John Voortman & Kelly A Wood
NEW Owner:  Kelly Ann Wood
Handled by:    Kelly A Wood, Paradym

Shown by Andrew Green,
Jay was BEST OF BREED at Westminster, February 2000
and AWARD OF MERIT WINNER at Westminster, February 2001

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Jay's InfoDog Show Record


Date Show Judge Award Points
 1/10/97 Kennel Club of Buffalo Mrs. Dorothy Taylor WD
 1/24/98 Crawford County Kennel Club Mr. Ric Chashoudian WD/BW/BB*/**
 1/25/98 Marion Ohio Kennel Club Mr.Alexander C. Schwartz Jr. WD/BW/BB*
 1/25/98 Marion Ohio Kennel Club Mr. Ric Chashoudian Group 2nd at 7 mo.
Aug 98 ATC Northern Ohio Specialty Mr. Alvin Krause RWD
Aug. 98 SVATA Specialty Mr. Charles Foley RWD
Oct 98 Devon KC Mr. Ed Bivin RWD
BB* indicates Best of Breed over Specials
**made the cut in the Terrier Group under judge Mrs. Jane Forsythe

American show wins resume after the list of Canadian wins.....
            Jay at 4 months

Jay took the next year to grow up and at the same time get his Canadian Championship.  En route, he also earned the distinction of being named #1 Airedale in Canada for 1998
in his puppy year.


  Canadian Show Highlights:
20 BB including the following Group placements:

Date Show Judge Award
12/28/97 Match- approx
200 Entries
 Group Judge Barb Selwood
B.I.M. Judge Steve Selwood
2/01/98 Sanction Match
appro 150-200 entries
Mrs. Lotus Tutton
Mr. Al Bennett
Terrier Group I
May 98 K-W Kennel Club Mrs. Anne Rogers Clark Group II
K-W Kennel Club Ms. Michele Billings Best Puppy in Show
June 98 Eries Shores KC Mr. Everett Mincey GroupI
Erie Shores KC Mr. Everett Mincey Best Puppy in Show
June 98 Ontario County KC Mrs. Lenore Riddle Group II
July 98 Sarnia Kennel Club Mr. Ed Wild Group IV
July 98 Bluewater KC Mr. Roger Hartinger Group III
July 98 Sarnia Kennel Club Mr. Archie Warnock GroupII
July 98 Sarnia Kennel Club Mr. Ken McDermott GroupI
Oct 98 Trillium Kennel Club Mrs. Anne Rogers Clark Group III
Oct 98 Trillium Kennel Club Mr. Don Fitzsimmons Group III
Oct 98 Trillium Kennel Club Ms. Michelle Billings Group I
Nov 98 Caledon Kennel Club Mr. Ken McDermott Group II




                                    Back to America:

To finish his American championship with three majors in one weekend!

Date Show Judge Awards Points
2/26/99 Olean Kennel Club Mr. Ric Chashoudian WD/BW/BB* 4 pt. major
2/27/99 Wyoming Valley KC Mr. Jon Cole WD/BW 3 pt. major
2/28/99 KC of Niagara Falls Ms. Michele Billings WD/BW/BB* 4 pt.mjr
2/28/99 KC of Niagara Falls Ms. Michele Billings Group 3rd
BB* represents Breed wins over Specials

4 Best of Breeds over Specials en route to American Championship




Other littermates to be shown:

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Paradym Oakrun Oriole CKC # GL446901-- Amy
    Four American points  MAKE A PAGE LINK
Paradym Oakrun Robin CKC # GL446904 -- Robin

Off the top of my head, here are the highlights of Jay's show career:

In Canada:

GROUP 1sts- Michelle Billings, Ken McDermott, Everett Mincey (Cymbeline
GROUP 2nds- Lenore Riddle, Anne Rogers Clark, Archie Warnock
GROUP 3rds- Anne Rogers Clark, Don Fitzsimmons
GROUP 4ths- Ed Wilde, Roger Hartinger

BEST PUPPY IN SHOW - Michelle Billings, Everett Mincey
BOS Airedale Terrier Club of Canada National- Jon Cole

in U.S.

July 98 -- ATCA National Specialty -- Judge Jon Cole -- BOS
Best IN Sweepstakes - ATCNO, SVATA , Connie Clark, Michael Sosne
RWD all 4 days of Canfield, OH circuit (from the BBE class)
RWD Devon - Edd Bivin

Jay's InfoDog Show Record





Jay and Kelly -- Best of Breed Montgomery County October 2000

For a larger cropped photo of  Jay, scroll a little farther down...

The story of Kelly and Jay...

"Jay" (Am. Can. Ch. Oakrun's Blue Jay Of Paradym) came from a litter
that was co-bred by me and John Voortman of Oakrun Airedales.  (John and
I co-owned Jay's mother, Am. Can. Ch. Paradym So Surreal.)  The litter
was sired by Am. Ch. Serendipity's Eagle's Wings.  There were eight
puppies in the litter, only two of which were males.  I had no interest
in a male at the time, so I really paid little attention to Jay as a
puppy.  John wanted a male, so he kept both Jay and his brother "Barney"
(Oakrun's Barnswallow Paradym) to grow up.  I went to visit John when
the puppies were about four months old, and I really fell for Jay at
that time.  For a four month old puppy, he was very balanced, had a
beautiful head and expression, and great tailset and carriage.  There
was something special about him.  I asked John about co-owning him and
he agreed.

I was the one who trained, groomed and handled him in his early career.
He was #1 Airedale in Canada in his "puppy year" (1998).  We decided he
was worthy of being seen more extensively, so sent him to the United
States to be shown by Andrew Green.

Andrew handled Jay to his first "Airedale Bowl" win at the Airedale
Terrier Club Of America's National Floating Specialty held in Ohio in
November 1999.  He also showed him to Best Of Breed at Westminster in
February 2000 and Hatboro and Devon in 1999.  Jay finished as the #1
Airedale in the United States (Pedigree system - total number of
Airedales defeated) in 1999.

Jay came home to me in Canada in the spring of 2000, and has not been
shown much at all this year.  John Voortman signed ownership of Jay over
to me, as he was heavily involved in expanding his business and did not
have as much time for dog shows.  I did show Jay at the Airedale Terrier
Club Of Canada's National Specialty in July 2000 where he won Best In
Specialty.  He took the rest of the summer off and rested up for
Montgomery County 2000.

What a thrill it was as Jay's breeder, owner and handler to win the
Breed at both Devon and Montgomery this year!  Truly a dream come true!

Jay is a great dog to show, as he is "up" most of the time and has a lot
of spirit.  He also has a big ego!!  At home, he can be demanding as he
still thinks he is a lap dog!  He is a very funny dog, and his favorite
toy is a "squeaky hamburger"!  He adores this toy and takes it all over
the place with him.

I think the traits that Jay has that makes him a wonderful example of
the Airedale breed are his temperament, type and soundness.  He has the
best shoulders and layback of any Airedale I have met.  I think this is
a problem in our breed.  His movement is hard to fault.  Matched with
his beautiful head and small dark eye, he is an eye-catcher.

Jay is now proving himself to be a worthy sire.  His first litter of
puppies born are now just over a year old.  One is already a Specialty
Sweepstakes Winner, is one point away from finishing his Canadian
Championship and has his first U.S. major.  We hope to have more
exciting pups sired by Jay in the near future.

Jay will be shown from time to time, but for the most part he will be
acting as my companion at home.

Kelly Wood (Paradym Airedales)  October 18, 2000
(used with permission)