Ch. Serendipity’s Hosanna 
   February 13, 1989 to February 14, 2002

                1st Generation: Red
                                2nd Generation: Green
                                                3rd Generation: Dark Blue
                                                                4th Generation: Burgundy
                                                                               5th Generation: Orange

Champions and titled dogs in BOLD
Sex {M} or {F} if known
"Call name"  behind, if known

                Ch Serendipity's Eagle's Wings {M} "Peter"
                                Ch Britham Lady Galadriel {F}
                                       Britham Mel Ayre Out N About {F}
                                        Britham Heart of Gold {M}
                                Britham Yoemans Special {M} "Reggie"
                                Ch Country Aires Wingin' Digby, CD {M} "Digby"
                                Ch Country Aires Laddie O Shay {M}
                                Ch Destinys Serendipity Darling {F} "Casey"
                                Destiny Dot Crescent {F}
                                Ch Destiny Cimmeron {F}
                                Craigston Contessa* {F} "Tessie"
                                Craigston's Jesse of Usher* {F} "Jesse"
                                Ch Joval A Moment of Glory {F} "Jodie" - photo
                               Ch Joval Lady Starlight {F} "Maxie" - photo
                                Ch Riverdale's Stone Spartan {M}
                                Ch Harlem's Hell on Wheels {F}
                                Ch M And R Jo-Dee's Angel Eyes {F}
                                                Jo-Dee's All That Jazz {M}
                                                Jo-Dee's Line Dancer {F}
                                Ch M and R Leap Year's Celebration {F} "Sandi"
                                M and R Leap Year's Leprechaun {M}
                                Ch Moraine Where Eagles Dare {M} "Timmy"
                                                Ch Droffats I Believe I Can Fly {M}
                                                                Ch Droffats Watership Down {F}
                                                Ch Droffats My Fair Lady {F}
                                                                Ch Droffats Midnight Magic {M}
                                                Fairyland Lilli Marlene {F}
                                                Fairyland Evita {F}
                                                Fairyland Tango Argentino { }
                                                Fairyland Only You {F}
                                                Garnet Ridge Blaze {F}
                                                Garnet Ridge Blazing Wings {M}
                                               Ch Moraine Mint Julep {F}
                                                Rainbow's Dare To Wear Carets {F}
                                                Cooleamber Face to Face {F}
                                                Can Ch Cooleamber Friendly Tedder {M}
                                Oakrun's Barn Swallow of Paradym {M} "Barney"
                                                Can Ch My Sergi Of Quinaire {F}
                                                Oakrun Swift Niko {M}
                                                Can Ch Oakrun Swift Samantha {F}
                                Can Ch Oakrun's Chickadee of Paradym {F} "Emma"
                                Am Can Ch Oakrun's Blue Jay of Paradym {M} "Jay"
                                                Am Can Ch Paradym Blue Blazes {M} "Rogan"
                                                Can Ch Paradym Chasing The Blues {F} "Cassie"
                                                Paradym's Got Game {M} "Jordan"
                                                Paradym's Vanna of Valbaine * {F} "Vanna"
                                                Can Ch Valdonaire Millenium Madness {F}
                                                Ratatat Hearts Redemption (F)
                                                Ratatat Hearts Revival (M)
                                                Bajanaire Ratatat Saffire (F)
                                               Ch Greenfield's Masked Marvel * {M}
                                                Greenfield Honeysuckle Rose* {F}
                                Ch Paradym Oakrun Oriole {F} "Amy"
                                              Can. Ch. Paradym's Keeping Score {F}"Tally"
                                Paradym Oakrun Raven {F}
                                Paradym Oakrun Robin {F} "Robin"
                                                Paradym Fairey Firefly* {F} "Junie Boonie"
                                                Paradym's Frequent Flyer* {M}
                                Ch Stryking Miss Irisanne {F} ‘Iris"
                                                Ch Stryking Spirit Quest {M}
                                                                Ch Stryking Fortunate Son {M}
                                                                                Stryking McArthur {M}
                                                Ch Stryking Victorianne Maximus {M} "Maxi"
                                                Ch Victorianne Stryking Ms Daisy {F} "Daisy"
                                Ch Stryking Quedoc of Clair-Mac {M} "Doc"
                                Stryking Rose 'N A Baby Ruth {F} "Rosie"
                                                Stryking McArthur {M}
                                Rus Ch Greenfield Light For Me {F} "Sveta"
                                                Fr Ch Playful Kiss Me Tonight * {M} "Mike"
                                                                Roses 'N' Kisses du Clos de Clairdouet {F}
                                                                Aireland Red Russian Revolution {F}
                                                Rus Ch Playful Klod Hoper (M)(Klod)
                                                                Miracle Stun To Win (M)
                                                                Miracle Solomeya (F)
                                                Rus Ch Playful Korrado (M)(Karo)
                                                Rus Ch Playful Candy's Sweet (F)(Asya)
                                                Rus Ch Playful Pleasure For Me (F) (Anfisa)
                                                Bel Ch Playful Promise Me That (M)
                                               Bright Land Aletsia (F) (Elya)
                                                Bright Land Aisis (F)
                                                Bright Land Al Pachino (M) (Alek)
                                                Bright Land Ambassador (M) (Vasya)
                                Ch Greenfield Mystic Wildflower {F} "Heidi"
                                                Intrinsic Miss Scarlettanne {F}
                                Greenfield's Light My Fire {F}
                                Ch GreenField's Lightning Strikes {F}
                                                Ch Scoshire Aires Black Magic {F}
                                                                Ch Scoshire Singular Sensation {F}
                                                                Scoshire Aires North Fork Fury {F}
                                                                Scoshire Penny's From Heaven {F}
                                                Ch Scoshire Aires Boston Blacki {M}
                                Am Arg Ch Greenfield's Macundo {M} "Mac"
                                Greenfield's Of McAire {F} "Daisy"
                                                Ch McAire's Renegade {M}
                                                Ch McAire's She Devil {F}
                                                               McAire's Guiding Light {F}
                                                                McAire's Lethal Weapon {M}
                                                                                Debonneaire's Tool Man {M}
                                Ch Victorianne Greenfield Phoenix {M} "Kogan"
                                                Victorianne Fire And Spice {F}
                                                Victorianne Fire Brand {M}
                                                Ch Victorianne Fire Girl {F} "Annie"
                                                Victorianne Fire Tanker {M}
                                                Ch Victorianne Great Paws O Fire {M} "PK"
                                                Ch Victorianne Heart Of Fire {F} "Mia"
                                                Victorianne Sweet 'N Lowdown {M}
                                                Victorianne Tumbleweed {F}
                                                Victorianne Musetta {F}
                                Seneca Fast Forward, SchH II {M}  "Turk"  photo
                                Ch Seneca Best Chance {F}
                                                Seneca Chance Of Sunshine, CD {F}
                                                Seneca Milestone { }
                                                Seneca Game of Chance {F}
                                                Am Can Ch Seneca Rock Solid Chance {F}
                                                                Seneca Ariana New Chance {F} "Baire"     photo
                                Seneca Skill And Chance {M}
                                                Seneca Dashing Knave {M} "Jack"
                                                Seneca Lady Chance of Bridgewood {F}
                                                Seneca Wizard's Schyler, CD NA NAJ {M}
                                Ch Seneca Eagle's Chance {M}
                                HWM Rainbow's Mack Attack {M}
                                Spindletop's La Femme Nikita {F}
                                Del Rey Gold Wing's Heritage {M}
                                Del Rey Gold Wings {M}
                                Del Rey Lancelot Wings {M}
                                Stone Ridge Wings of Airetyme {M}
                                Strongfort Soar As Eagles {F}
                                Strongfort Soaring Eagle (AI) {F}
                                                Aus Ch Strongfort Shut Em Up {F}
                                Strongfort Suck Willy {M}
                                Aus Ch Strongfort Stormchaser {M} "Twister"
                                                Aus Ch Strongfort Stormfury {M}
                                Aus Ch Strongfort Sail on Wings {F} "Jessy"
                                Strongfort Span-Y-Wings {F
                                Strongfort Spread Eagle {M} "Monty"
                                Ch Taryn Murphy Brown {F}
                                Ch Victorianne After-Noon Delite{F} "Sadie"
                                Ch Victorianne High Noon {M} "Cooper"
                                Victorianne Noonlite Serenade {F}
                                Ch Victorianne Sweet Summer Noon {F} "Zelda"
                                Am Can Ch Victorianne Ingle Valley Girl, CGC {F} "Chloe"
                                                Can Ch IngleValley Aqua Tred {M} "Austin"
                                                Can Ch IngleValley Fender Bender {M} "Kodo"
                                                                Can Ch Ingle Valley Royal Crown Jewels {M}
                                                                                Inglevalley Royal Hatrick {M}
                                                Can Ch Inglevalley Velvet Ribbons {F} "Jenna"
                                                                Inglevalley Royal Hatrick {M}
                                                Can Ch Inglevalley Zany Antics {M} "Jordan"
                                                                Can Ch Inglevalley Royal Princess {F}
                                                Victorianne Ingle Valley Alexa {F}
                                                Victorianne Ingle Valley Rose {F}
                                                Ch Victorianne Inglevalley Kipper {M}"Kipper"
                                                Ch Victorianne Inglevalley Sabaka {F} "Sabaka"
                                                Ch Victorianne Inglevalley Guinn {M} "Guinn"
                                                Can Ch Inglevalley Jedi Knight {M}
                                                Ingle Valley's Bat Mask of Zorro * {M}
                                Ch Victorianne Main Stay {M} "Oliver"
                                White Rose Thunderbird {M}
                                Ch White Rose Bill Bailey {M} "George"
                                                Piccadilly's Butterfly Kisses {F}
                                                Wataires Whiterose Fantastic {F} "Fanny"
                                Am Can Ch White Rose Wing And A Prayer {F} "Farrah"
                                                Ashdod White Rose Faith {F}
                                                Ashdod White Rose Hope {F}
                                Ragadale of Israel's Good Hannah's Legacy {F}
                                Ragadale of Israel's Gregorian Gold {F}
       Ch Serendipity Rejoices {F} "Joy"
                                Ch Serendipity Arthur of Armack {M} "Arthur"
                                                Ch Agape Heir Jingle Belle {F} "Jingle Belle"
                                                Agape Heir Luke Tri Star {M}
                                                Agape Paddy-Anne Of Lawndale {F}
                                                Agape Heir Clapton {M}
                                                Agape Heir Taffy Belle {F}
                                                Agape Heir Sampson {M}
                                                Agape Heir Bentley {M}
                                                Agape Heir Fanny {F}
                                                Agape Heir Duffy {M}
                                                Ch TNC's Holiday {M}
                                Am Can Ch Serendipity Goodspice Glory {F} "Glory"
                                Am Can Ch Serendipity Seraphim {F} "Sera"
                                Ch Serendipity Terydale HK X-F {M} "Mulder" - photo
                                             Ch Regent Whistle Down The Wind {F}
                                                                Regent Zazou {F}
                                                Ch Brisline Platinum at Topline {F}
                                                Ch Brisline's Play Maker {M}
                                                Aus Ch Brisline's Playboy {M}
                                                                Strongfort Joiner {M}
                                                                                Aus Ch Strongfort Shut Em Up {F}
                                                                Aus Ch Strongfort State Affair { }
                                                                Tjuringa Keepsake {F}
                                                                Aus Ch Tjuringa Kentucky Woman {F}
                                                                Tjuringa Mumma Mia {F}
                                                                Yorkpark Elton Is A Star {M}
                                                                Tjuringa Leather N Lace {F}
                                                Ch Brisline's Plum Perfect {F}
                                                Ch Brisline's Prime Time {M}
                                                                Brisline's Take Charge Scarlet {F}
                                                                Kudos Kodak Moment {F}
                                                                Kudos Konos Purcell {F}
                                                Ch Epoch's Somewhere in Time {F}
                                                Gallaire's De La Terra Nina {F}
                                                Gallaire's Forbidden Fruit {F}
                                                River Road Cupid's Dart {M}
                                                River Road Snap'Dragon {M}
                                                Rollingstone Only The Lonely {M}
                                                                Can Ch Rollingstone Black Magic {F}
                                                                Can Ch Rollingstone Evil Ways {M}
                                                                Can Ch Rollingstone Gypsy Queen {F}
                                                                Can Ch Rollingstone Shades of Time {M}
                                                Ch Scoshire Singular Sensation {F}
                                                Am Can Ch Penaire's Lonestar Cowgirl {F}
                                                Ch Tartan Scottshire Ultra Glide {M} "Harley"
                                                                Tartan Scottshire V-Rod {M}
                                                                Scoshire Aires North Fork Fury {F}
                                                                Scoshire Penny's From Heaven {F}
                                                              Ch Law's Lady Chatterly {F}
                                                                Laws Tartan Schottshire Suzy {F}
                                                Timberwyck Calendar Girl {F}
                                                Timberwyck Cover Girl {F}
                                                Timberwyck Curtain Call {F}
                                               Ch Timberwyck Maximum Overdrive {M}
                                                Ch Timberwyck Sudden Impact {M}
                                                                Keystone's Tapdance {F}
                                                                Keystone's Thumbs Up {M}
                                                Ch TNC's Made In The USA Liberty {F}
                                                Ch TNC's Wave of the Future {F}
                                                Ch Walnut Ridge Aimee Amy Amee {F}
                                                Ch Buon Aire's Secret {F}
                                                Ch BuonAir E Equals MC Squared {M}
                                                BuonAire's Secret {F}
                                                Warwick Rotoba Doctor Watson {M}
                                Serendipity's Sir Spencer, CD {M} "Spencer"
                                Am Can Ch Serendipity's Trail Blazer {M} "Trooper" - photo
                                Serendipity Bonds of Love {F} "Ruth"
                                               Mex Ch Serendipity Del Ray Brite Blue {M} "Blue"
                                                Serendipity's Flower Power {F} "Lily"
                                               Hungarian Ch Serendipity St. Elmo's Fire {M} "Elmo"
                                                Serendipity Joyous Star {F} "Star"
                                                Serendipity's Honors Arose {F} "Rosie"
                                                Joval Serendipity Mighty Aphrodite {F}Leia - photo
                                Ch Serendipity Dezilu {F} "Dezi"
                                                Serendipity Macallum’s {M} "Mac"
                                                King's Knight in Rusty Armor {M} "Rusty"
                                Serendipity Heart's Delight {F}
                                Aus Ch Serendipity Blow Your Horn {M} "Joshua"
                                                Aus Ch Oldiron Creating Havoc {F}
                                                Aus Ch Oldiron The Culprit {M}
                                                Sultarron Voyager {M}
                                                SuperiAire Albert Einstein
                                                SuperiAire Galileo
                                                SuperiAire Confucius
                                                SuperiAire Shakespeare
                                                SuperiAire King Nostradamus
                                                SuperiAire Copernicus
                                                SuperiAire Mini
                                                SuperiAire Socrates
                                                SuperiAire Sam Clemens
                                Ch Serendipity Here I Am {M} "Sam"
                                                SuperiAire GD SPC Phil Hartmn {M}
                                Serendipity Leap For Joy {F} "Lizzie"
                               Ch Serendipity Wakefield Spice {F} "Laura"
                                                Wakefield Red Hot Cayenne {F}
       Ch Serendipity Heart's Desire {F} "Rachael"
                                Ch Greenfield Liza of Craigston {F} "Lizzie"
                                                Craigston Contessa* {F} "Tessie"
                                                Craigston's Jesse of Usher* {F} "Jesse"
                                Int'l Ch Greenfield Captain Fantastic {M} "Cappy"
                                                Big Lady's Yukon Jack {M}
                                                Captain Sarpe {M}
                                               Ch Danzon Dedi Cado A Isadora  * {F}
                                                Ch Fuego Fantastico * {M}
                                Ch Greenfield King Zeus {M}
                                Greenfield Marydale Jewel {F}
                                Am Can Ch Greenfield's Captain Jack {M} "Jack"
                                                Ashdod Captain Courageous {M}
                                                Ashdod River Of Dreams {F}
                                                Gallaire's Sweet Lucille {F}
                                                Stirling Honky Tonk Blues {F}
                                                Stirling Magic Man {M}
                                                Stirling Play With Fire {F}
                                                Stirling Fire And Glory {F}
                                                Stirling Balmoral Moonfire {F}
                                                Stirling Blackstone Spitfire {F}
                                                Victorianne Ironwood{D}
                                Ch Greenfield's King Zeus {M}
                                Ch Greenfield's Major Tom {M} "Tommy"
                                                Blackheath's Me First {F}
                                                Paradym Fairey Firefly* {F}
                                                Paradym's Frequent Flyer* {M}
                                                Jubilee All Eyes On Me {F}
                                                Tartan Scottshire Maj Jubilee {M}
                                                                Tartan Scottshire Rio Bravo {M}
                                                Tartan Scottshire Red Marvel {M}
                                                Caelestis Bedazzle {M}
                                                Victorianne Soliloquy {D}
                               Greenfield Dakota {F}
                                                Ch Greenfield's Masked Marvel * {M}
                                                Greenfield Honeysuckle Rose* {F}
                                Ch Greenfield Bella Belladonna {F} "Bella"
                                Ch Greenfield Savannah {F} "Savannah"
                                Ch Greenfield Shaireab's Aim High {F} "Amy"
                                Ch Greenfield Soldier'O Fortune {M}
                                                Tierra Fama Y Carmba *  {F}
                                Ch Greenfield's Celtic Legend {M}
                                                Joval Light My Fire {M}- Logan
                                                Joval Hearts of Fire {F}- Haley
       Am Mex Ch Serendipity Tierra de Fuego {F} "Leah"
                                Captain Sarpe {M}
                               Ch Danzon Dedi Cado A Isadora * {F}
                                Ch Fuego Fantastico  * {M}
                                 Tierra Fama Y Carmba *  {F}
        Serendipity's Kings Quest {M} "Zack"
                                Nedella Junoesque of Florac {F}
                                                Florac Sandy Macnab By Matrasen {M}
                                Nedella Lion King of Starcana {M}
       Serendipity's Molly Russet, CD {F} "Molly"
         Ch Serendipity's Guardian {M} "Andrew"
         Serendipity's Centurion {M}
         Serendipity's Geoffrey {M}

Total Descendant Records Found = 329

Highest Gen # a Record Found at = 5