CH Serendipity's Hosanna

Call Name:       "Hannah"
Date of Birth:   2-13-89
Deceased:       2-14-02
AKC :        RB 301870
OFA :    AT-1473G35F-T  "Good"
Titled:        11/15/91

Sire:   CH Waggin-aire's Jonah
Dam:  CH Serendipity's Classy Babe
Breeder:   Barbara Y. Schneider
Owner:    Barbara Y. Schneider
Handled by:  Barbara Y. Schneider & Margery Good

Hannah's Legacy



Hannah was the second of three to finish from her litter.  From left to right in the photo are Hallie, Hannah, Tally and Sprite at 8 weeks of age.  Note the small, compact feet, which turn neither in nor out; the small dark eye; good coat color; good placement of ear on the skull; full foreface, flat skull and level planes.  Hannah did not have the fanciest head, but her head never widened or coarsened.


Three champions-to-be...  Hallie, Hannah and Tally...
This is a poor photo (overexposed), but one of the few I have of them together at this age.  The others were damaged by puppy teeth.  Why?  Because in a moment of forgetfullness, I left them on the coffee table.


This photo shows Hannah at 11 weeks.  From the side, she had a nice topline and tailset with something behind it;  good length of neck, with a nice arch; clean front; good shoulder layback; short, level back;  nice, moderate bend of stifle; hocks perpendicular to the ground; straight pasterns; all in all a nicely balanced moderate puppy.  In addition, she had a sweet, outgoing personality.

Hannah won her first two points going Best of Opposite over Specials at  only 8 and 1/2 months of age, breeder /owner handled.  She was not shown again until two years old at an all breed match where she won Best in Match.  She was then turned over to Margi Good, where she finished in style going BOB from the classes, over specials.   A show-off in the ring, she earned the rating of  #9 bitch, Knight System 1991, just in attaining her championship.

 After winning her title and returning home, she had two litters, two years apart. Along with her topline and movement, her wonderful disposition was imparted to her puppies.  In the ring they were showy and full of fire, and at home were affectionate and loving - the best of both worlds.

Her first litter (ten puppies) produced two champions; CH Serendipity's Eagle's Wings and CH Serendipity Rejoices.  The remainder of the litter had already been promised to companion homes.  Even though they will never see a conformation ring, they are much loved members of a family, which is my primary concern.  Her second litter of five, produced three champions; CH Serendipity Tierra de Fuego, CH Serendipity Heart's Desire and CH Serendipity's Guardian.


Hannah celebrated her 10th birthday on February 13, 1999.  Clippered for years after retiring from the ring, she still retains her wonderful natural color.  These photos were taken just before she had a malignant melanoma removed from the top of her head where her ear joins.  Other than this her health has been excellent, and she frequently acts like a puppy herself when playing with her "grandpuppies".

Hannah is my CONSTANT companion.  I am unable to make a move without her.  She follows me everywhere from room to room, and I dread the day she will no longer be underfoot.

Now every day with her is even more a blessed gift from God and a cause for celebration.


My Hannah, ...
    Queen of the house,
    dam of five Serendipity champions,
     granddam and great-granddam to dozens more, ...
pictured in a moment of contemplation on the future of the Airedale Terrier.

Or, as is more likely the case, wondering when Mom is going to put the camera away and "FEED THE DOG"

Hannah celebrated her 12th birthday on Feb 13th, 2001
with a Furby for a present...

Personally I think she is wondering...  "Is good to eat?????"

Happy Birthday Hannah!  May you have many more!!!!

Sadly, Hannah crossed the Rainbow Bridge on February 14, 2002 one day after her 13th birthday.  We said our final goodbye on Valentines Day because she was such a part of my heart.  She had a tumor that involved her spine and was increasingly paralyzing her, starting on her left side.  The last three days we were carrying her outside so she could relieve herself and then carrying her back in. She would bark to let us know she wanted something, and then it was up to us to figure out just what she wanted; fresh water, a biscuit, ears scratched, a tummy rub, bread -- she LOVED bread!   She never lost her spirit or her enthusiasm for food.  In fact, she always loved chocolate, so much so that when she was younger she stole a bag of semi-sweet chips from the cupboard and had to spend a couple days at the veterinarian's.  She got some chocolate on Valentines Day.
She was 13 years and 1 day old.
A part of me has gone with her.
She will be greatly missed, but will remain forever in my heart.
I love you Hannah!