Grooming Your Airedale...
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Mike Kemp Video -
    Instructions on grooming your Airedale (USA)    I think some of the catalog companies will still have it.  You can also get it from either or

How to Groom Your Pet Airedale Video by Joanne Helm - Order Site (Canada) - The video shows a bulk strip to keep the colour and then the methods of using different clipper blades and tools.   Excellent for pets   <>

Rangeaire Vision- How to Groom an Airedale:  Jane Harvey.  She goes into great depth and length on stripping and her video runs 2 hrs 46 mins. Videos include instructions on preparing and showing dogs, whelping puppies, and how to groom an Airedale. (Australia)

Airedale Terrier Club of America - Shopping Page  - Booklets for sale regarding Grooming the Airedale
    How to Trim and Show the Airedale Terrier --
            Introductory booklet outlining the proper methods of grooming the Airedale Terrier.  Oriented to the novice owner.
    Grooming the Broken Haired Terrier
            An advanced grooming book for Airedales and other broken haired terriers.

Learning To Strip Your Dog's Coat by Don Vik
    Grooming Wire Fox Hair Terriers  -- also applies to AIREDALES

Grooming Tips: Articles by Arden Ross
    Article 1
    Article 2
    Article 3

The Whys of Grooming by Curt Whall

MacKnyfe Stripping Knives - Includes an article, "Use of Macknyfe Grooming Tools" C.J.McLaughlin III and Margery Good.  How to Hold and Use, Techniques of Use, Stripping, Mucking, Carding

Pearson Stripping Knives

Clipping your Airedale
    on this page, I will attempt to give instructions for those wishing to clip their Companion Airedales with accompanying photos

Stripping Your Airedale
    on this page, I will attempt to show the novice how to strip an Airedale with accompanying photos.

WarfeAire Grooming Page  - Wanda Purvis.  Good desription of how to pull hair, which direction to pull, etc. with drawings for examples.

Grooming - Buxton Airedales

How To Groom An Airedale - from the Pet Groomer site.

Tips on Grooming Your Terrier and Terrier Related Subjects...

Mr. Woofer's Grooming Page - When Nothing Else Works

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