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Sharing a quiet moment.. a boy and a dog for a pillow.
Nap time.  Lily is in the center, her face in everyone's feet.
Since Airedale feet smell like Fritos to us, I wonder if they smell like Fritos to each other?
What could be more fun than rolling in the center of all that yarn?
Sharing the fun with a friend!
If you are attending a dog show, make sure you bring a comfortable seat for yourself, shade, water and a bowl, as well as a collar and leash.   While his owner is busy watching the judging, this young pup seems to find things a little more interesting outside the ring. 
This is an old photo, and it shows from left to right, Esprit, Glory and Babe.
Esprit could jump our 6 foot privacy fence in the blink of an eye.  The only thing that would restrain her was to put a leash on her.  Babe, with Glory's help is making certain Esprit does not attempt to leave the yard.  Sadly they have all crossed the Rainbow Bridge.  Now Esprit can jump to her heart's content; but I have a feeling Babe is still keeping her in line.
  "The Excavation"

When they  finished
it was 12 inches wide 
and 18 inches deep.


Junie goes fishing

"Here fishy, fishy..."

Junie and the Birthday Party!

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