Fun Fotos of Airedales

Puppies and Kids

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Glory (mother on right) with her second litter of puppies, being assisted in their care by her daughter from her first litter, Babe. All of our bitches get along and share the house full time.
Soft mush makes a great pillow for a tired puppy...
while another prefers the pacifier and the rocking chair.
Mike and Matt socializing the Serendipity way. Our puppies are raised in a bedroom for the first 4 weeks of life and are then moved to the kitchen where they can interact with the entire family. We feel early socialization is a major factor in developing an Airedale's personality and temperament to it's fullest.
Our dogs enjoy going to shows and will make certain they are not forgotten and left at home, as Babe demonstrates.  Babe has since crossed theRainbow Bridge, but her wonderful spirit lives on in her offspring...
The children are growing, but they still succumb to the charms of a puppy, even if they won't always admit to it...

My youngest was literally raised WITH the dogs...
 "You can have some Cheerios... 
 ...and a bite of my cracker... 
 ... and I'll chew one of your rawhides!" 
The brunette and the blond are mine.
The black and tan are Joy and Felix.
From the 
first thing 
in the
morning ...
to the 
last thing 
at night....

and yes,
they are 
ALL asleep,
the blond. 
He did not 
want to 
disturb the 
puppies and 
he fell asleep 
right there.
This is 
one of my 
favorite photos.

Even my husband 
gets into the act...

fresh meat... 
for puppy teeth 
and nails.

The one at 
the far right is now
CH. Serendipity Dezilu.

A Litter of Puppies
 Puppy Litter?
"I wasn't chewing the chair leg, I was just checking for chewing gum under the table..."
                              "Let's play..."



  "OK...TAG... you're it!

Oliver exercises his "right" to vote...
Airedales are quite intelligent, and quite capable of attaining obedience certificates.  They can be stubborn and stong-willed, but are usually quite willing to assist in a joke or two...

 ... and Lydia enjoys reading "The Book"
Reggie (a Peter son) and Susie, a standard Poodle.  The temperament and personality of an Airedale make it a a companion for not only people, but other animals as well. 
But notice who has the chair...

Photo by owner Diane.

Airedales love snow, but it ices and clings to their coat. Be sure to wash their feet to remove salt residue and ice balls which can form between the toe pads and irritate the feet, not to mention gasto-intestinal upsets from ingesting the salt.
Oliver (Ch. Victorianne's MainStay) in his walk-on debut for a magazine advertisement.
Oliver, in
"Dances With Deer"
"Fishing is hard work!"
so Digby takes a short nap.
"Last one in is a rotten cat..."
Sure of herself even at the tender age of 6 weeks, Laura pawslaps her big sister Ruthie.  Ruth is in the "lion stage" of stripping.
Getting tough and trying to challenge Ruth.
Soft mush still makes a great pillow.
 Even though he has his own dogs at home, 
he still gravitates toward other Airedales at dog shows, 
and has time to swap kisses and hugs... 
and perhaps a story or two...
   No words are necessary...
  That's the life.
  Please, may I have more?
Forget the food...
Where's the cat?

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