Disaster Preparations for your Pet
Safepet's safety tip-of-the-week

When assembling emergency supplies for the household, include items for pets.

        Extra food and water (2 weeks supply).
               The food should be dry and relatively unappealing to prevent overeating.
               Store the food in sturdy containers.
               Be aware of food and water spoilage in the community at large.
               Feed animals at intervals they are used to.

        If your pet is on medication, make sure you have an ample supply.

        Other items:
                favorite pet treats and toys
                Kitty litter
                pet photo showing distinguishing marks
                Dog harness-more secure than just a collar when a pet panics
                Metal stake that screws into ground and chain.
                Pet Food (remember livestock, and farm animals)
                Manual Can Opener
                Bottled Water
                Bowls, Water Pails
                Cleanup supplies, i.e. plastic bags and disinfectant, pooper scooper
                Flea/Tick Spray
                Extra Brush, Collar

        Emergency kit supplies:
                absorbent gauze pads (large and small sizes)
                absorbent gauze roll
                antiseptic wipes
                conforming bandages
                cotton tipped applicators
                emollient cream
                First Aid book for dogs - purchase at most pet stores
                instant cold pack
                supply of latex disposable gloves
                proper fitting muzzle
                tweezers and scissors
                Hydrogen Peroxide (for cuts, wounds and poisonings)
                Betadine Solution (non-stinging iodine for wounds)
                Neosporin Ointment (antibiotic for burns and scrapes)

        Keep your pet's vaccinations up to date and keep
                records handy and in zip-lock bag
                a license tag and
                identification tag on her/him at all times.

        Ice cooler chest for perishables and medication that needs refrigeration.
               You can replenish ice at most human shelters.

        Check with your veterinarian for additional suggestion.

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